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Troop Safety

The safety of our Scouts is of uppermost concern to Troop 39. Our Troop adheres to the guidelines in A Guide to Safe Scouting.

The procedures and policies contained throughout this handbook are also designed to ensure a safe environment for our scouts. At least two adults are to be present at every Scouting event and the youth protection program is repeated on an annual basis. Troop 39 is firmly committed to maintaining two-deep leadership at all times and the scouts must use the buddy system at all Scouting activities.

Training in Totin’ Chip for use of woods tools, and operation of propane and liquid-fuel lanterns and stoves is required before any scout is permitted to operate these items. Adult leaders will maintain currency in certification for BSA Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat for any Troop water activities. The Troop is equipped with a First Aid Kit, and adult leaders are required to have first-aid training.

It is very important that parents keep the Troop leadership advised of a Scout’s medical condition, medication, allergies, and conditions such as sleepwalking, etc. The Troop needs current addresses, home and work telephone numbers, and any emergency points of contact, in case an incident occurs during a Troop outing.

Medications that must be taken on an outing should be put in a Ziploc bag together with the Scout’s name and written dosage information (a duplicate "package" is required for High Adventure trips). The bag is to be given to the trip adult leader or his designee at the trip assembly point, prior to departure. The Troop Permission Form provides a block where parents authorize the Troop adult leader to administer medications to their son during the outing. Unless the circumstances warrant otherwise, it will be the Scout’s responsibility to remember to ask for his medication at the appropriate time.